1,000 Kute Koalas in 3D.

Krypto Koalas is a collection of 1,000 unique 3D Koalas on the Elrond Blockchain. We are proud to be one of the FIRST projects to release on Elrond!
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This is our current plan for Krypto Koalas 🎉

1. Artwork

This is the start of the journey, before the koalas are minted. We will work closely with our artist to implement the exact design we want for our furry frens! We will be sharing regular sneak peeks in the discord. We will also be building our community, running giveaways and taking on feedback!

2. Pre-sale

Our pre-sale will be taking place on 26 Nov 8pm UTC, and will be limited to 400 koalas from the collection. There will be some items that are only available during the pre-sale, so grab them while you can!

3. Main drop

This will be after the pre-sale (date tbc). The remaining 600 koalas will be launched!

4. Koala Staking

At this stage you will be able to stake your koalas to earn $LEAF token, which can be spent on fusions (below)!

5. Koala Fusions

We are working closely with dead rare to make an interface which allows you to combine 2 koalas that you own to create a new koala, choosing the traits you want to keep!

Phase 1:

For the first 500 fusions, the fusing koalas will NOT be burnt. The fusions will be FREE for our koala holders, meaning they can increase their numbers of koalas at no extra cost! This will allow our supply to reach 1500. (Gold skin and phoenix wings will not be able to be fused during this phase, to maintain their rarity).

Phase 2:

Once we reach 1500 koalas, Koala Fusions will properly begin! Now the fusing koalas will be burnt to begin deflationary supply. Every item can now be used in the fusions (including gold skin and phoenix wings).

6. Limited Editions

We plan to work with our artists to come up with some very special limited edition koalas. These will then be straight up for sale at a higher price (individual to each koala).

Meet the Team

Krypto Koalas are working closely with the DeadRare team to have a smooth and professional launch!
Koala Queen

@Koala Queen

Koala Queen is running the project and is the main point of contact that you will see on Discord and Twitter. She liaises with all stakeholders such as the design team, investors and community members to help grow the project.
Dead Rare


deadrare.io is the first decentralised marketplace on Elrond. The team have a lot of technical experience behind them.
Dead Rare

@Koala Marketer

Koala Marketer creates content for our social media pages, as well as assisting in the discord channel!

Join the community

If you want to join the #KryptoKoalas it’s here. Join us to get the news as soon as possible and follow our latest jungle announcements.